So You Say You Want A Revolution?

Happy America Day! (And, happy belated Canada Day!) (And, happy Thursday!) 237 years ago, the founding fathers of the United States decided they needed a change, and declared their independence from the British Crown.  Thanks to that declaration, we celebrate our independence every year by having barbecues, drinking way too much, and setting things on fire. Roughly four and a half years ago, a nerd named Steve decided he had enough of the crappy fitness advice out there, and declared his independence from the mainstream fitness industry. Well, what began as a boy and his blog has developed into a worldwide Rebellion, something far greater than he ever could have imagined.  Today, he wants to talk about our revolution and why he’s so glad you’re a part of it. Regardless of where you’re from, be it America, Argentina, or Antarctica, today, we all have something to celebrate: Lives worth living! He’s also going to stop referring to himself in the third person at this point, because he’s the one writing this. Okay back on track. Hey, it’s me.


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